A website that has been designed and coded to be responsive will adjust to different screen sizes and most current web browsers. The website detects the size of the screen it is displaying on, and “responds” with the appropriate version of the website. The site will have different versions for your desktop, for your smart phone and for your tablet. The site will also automatically know to “respond” for new platforms that come out every day. This essentially “future proofs” the site, and assures that your content is being displayed in the most beneficial and professional way possible now, and well into the future.

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An informational website is just that, a website that gets the word out. These kinds of websites usually have a text, images and contact forms and serve the purpose of giving you or your company an identity on the web. We will design based on your ideas and create a functional site that can be updated by you anytime! And of course it’s responsive!
Do you need to sell your latest work right from the web? Or maybe your restaurant needs some online ordering? No Problem! An e-commerce website from SBTS Digital Media will get you up and running in now time!
You’ve got something to say to the world! Better yet, you have got something to say everyday! A custom blog will get your thoughts out in style! Using WordPress, we design your dream website for the talker in you!
It’s the next big thing, your social network idea is going to explode! Let us help you with the hard part. We design social media experiences around exactly what your trying to do. This type of website offers user profiles, live feeds, user to user communication and anything else you can think of!